A Formidable Critique of Socialism

In his article posted on FoxNews.com, John Stossel offers a devastating critique of socialism, not based on ideological prejudice but on hard truths that many fans of socialism, like AOC and Sanders, fail or simply refuse to see.

What distinguishes Stossel’s critique is that he points out some hard truths many on the left ignore.

I agree with Stossel that socialists constantly lie to themselves when they blame the failure of socialism on mismanagement or drop in the price of oil (in the case of Venezuela). AOC and Sanders are masters of making excuses for a failed system that has never worked in practice.


Inefficient central planning, industries managed by political appointees with no business experience, an exodus of the wealth-making entrepreneurs, that is socialism. When you don’t own a business, there is no incentive to make it work, especially when you know you are going to get paid whether you produce or not.
That is socialism in its essence and at its very core. No amount of rhetoric or sugar-coating can change this.

Finally, Stossel looks at Sander’s statement that when he is talking about socialism, he is not “looking at Venezuela [or] Cuba” but at “countries like Denmark, like Sweden.”

The inconvenient truth is that those countries are not socialist. Yes, the generous social programs, but these put a huge burden on the individual taxpayers, including the poor. Ah, say AOC and Bernie, let’s just tax the hell out of the rich.

The path to Venezuela and Cuba is paved with good intentions.

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