AOC Means Well…But She is Lost!

The best thing about AOC’s Green New Deal is that few in her party are taking it seriously. The worst thing is that many on the left think this plan is doable in the next thirty years.

What the “deal” in the end tells us is that the left, led by AOC and Bernie, would love to spend an endless supply of your money to fund social programs that look good on paper but are unrealistic in practice.

Look, I am not making fun of AOC.

She means well. She wants a better world. We all do. Conservatives are not cruel. But her dreams were tried in Cuba and Venezuela and those “paradises” turned into hell.

We don’t need your socialist utopia. Our good old capitalist economic system will do just fine…

We know climate change is real. We know that global warming is a real threat to the planet. In my own city of Miami, the ocean is rising at an alarming rate, and in about forty or fifty years the coastal areas will be 6 inches or more underwater.
I am a conservative, and I am not anti-science.

We know health care is a matter of life or death. But the idea is to rescue the ones who don’t have it, not bankrupt the ones who have it.

I recognize a fantasy when I see it. How do I know? Because my family lived that fantasy and paid with tears—misery—and exile.

We can’t create a garden of Eden on the back of the wealthy, somehow believing that they have an inexhaustible supply of money. The major fallacy of socialists is that capitalists are a class that keeps on giving, regardless of how high you push their taxes.

AOC talks about guaranteeing a job for every American. It is obvious that she has not noticed that unemployment is at 3.7%, the lowest in 50 years, and at record lows for all social groups.

AOC, you don’t need government to legislate jobs. We don’t need your socialist utopia. Our good old capitalist economic system will do just fine.

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