China’s Henchmen In Hong Kong Move To Stifle Freedom

As the WSJ reports, the events unfolding in Hong Kong might be a prelude an even more ominous development:  Communist China’s direct intervention in Hong Kong’s affairs, thus ending the heroic resistance of the people of Hong Kong to preserve their freedoms.

Although China has not yet ordered its tanks into Hong Kong to quell the pro-Democracy protests, it is sad to admit that that possibility in the near future cannot be ruled out.

“While Beijing has indicated its preference to let the city’s government take the lead in resolving the crisis, mainland officials have warned that they reserve the right to step in if the situation gets out of hand. Some Chinese academics have urged Hong Kong’s government to consider invoking emergency laws that would allow local police to take tougher measures to restore order, including expanded arrest powers, asserting control over transportation and censoring media [ italics, mine].

“The protests are aimed at a perceived erosion of the city’s liberties by China and the tactics of the city’s police, who have angered people across Hong Kong after a number of violent incidents were caught on video.

“Pro-government lawmakers urged the government to invoke sweeping emergency powers to quell the unrest, a move the government has described during the current unrest as a last resort.”

Let us hope that we and the United Nations will not stand idly by as the flames of freedom burning bright in Hong Kong are in danger of being extinguished.