Deconstructing Elizabeth Warren’s Coyness

It is becoming somewhat scandalous even among liberals that presidential candidate Warren refuses to give details about what her policies would be once she becomes president.

She is keeping her cards close to her vest because she knows there is nothing centrist or moderate about those policies.  She has learned from Sanders and O’Rourke that saying too much will get her in trouble.

‘Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has been given more than one opportunity over the past two weeks to clarify her response to a key question about her “Medicare for All” plan… and she’s fumbled it each time’, writes Jake Novak.

At least, Bernie and Beto have been open and forthright with the American people.  They deserve credit for not being misleading or evasive, in contrast to Warren.

But Elisabeth, you can’t hide behind your coyness; you are cut from the same cloth as Sanders and O’Rourke.

Why should she be honest with the American people when she is gaining in the polls?

Novak believes that Warren will have to answer the tough questions eventually, and that she will not get the pass liberal pundits and late-night entertainers are giving her.

But Jake, the fact is that we already know her answers:   Medicare-for-all and no private insurance option; taxing the hell out of the rich and the middle class to pay for their bloated and unsustainable healthcare and environmental plans; and I strongly suspect, a cosmetically modified—but in substance the same as Beto’s—policy of confiscating all AR 15s.

Elizabeth, there is no way to hide from the American people.