Democrats Have No Other Choice!

Backed against the wall, they had no choice Tuesday but to pass a resolution 398-17 condemning the BDS movement, which was predictably opposed by Reps. Omar and Tlaib—and another 14 Democrats.

But for months—it was very telling their silence on Representative Omar herself, the person most responsible for trying to legitimize anti-Israel and anti-Semitic discourse in the US Congress through legislation.

When Democrats approved a resolution in March, in response to the Omar tweets, they failed to condemn Omar herself.  A resolution so generic and watered down—condemning anti-Semitism—Islamophobia, and hatred towards all many minority groups–that even Omar voted for it!

The 23 lawmakers who opposed the resolution, all Republican, were justified in voting against it.

They wanted a resolution focusing exclusively on anti-Semitism since it was Omar’s anti-Semitic tweets that called for a response.

Unlike the explicit censure and strident rejection of various Republican congressmen and outright apologies for White Nationalism, the Democrats have gone out of their way to shield Omar from any direct criticism.

Shielding Omar behind generic or diluted pronouncements against anti-Semitism is complicity.

The silence on Omar on the part of the Democratic party is indeed deafening.

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