Elizabeth Warren Embraces Economic Nationalism (Well, Sort Of)

When Tucker Carlson praises a Democrat (this is not a typo), you know hell is about to freeze over.

Well, that is just what Carlson did when commenting on Elizabeth Warren’s “Economic Patriotism,” a plan that could have been equally dubbed “Economic Nationalism.”

In a sign that not all Democrats have completely surrendered to clueless leftism, Warren’s plan indeed has elements that not only Carlson but Senator Rubio himself had no choice but to praise.

More long term physical investment in the American economy (as Rubio himself has emphasized in his own plan), more investment in human capital, the American worker; and endorsement of the fundamental concept of economic nationalism:  that the government and industry must be oriented and adjusted to the long term benefit and interests of the nation—what Warren correctly calls “patriotism.”

Not to worry, there is enough liberal nonsense in the plan to justify Rubio’s concern that Warren’s dogmatic devotion to the leftist agenda undermines her alleged commitment to real economic nationalism.

More regulations, hostility to corporate America, subservience to an industry-stifling environmentalist philosophy, (apparent) obliviousness to the Chinese threat, and over one trillion dollars of student loan debt-forgiveness—all derail and negate Warren’s presumed best intentions.

But, as Carlson recognized, Warren must be given credit for seeing the necessity of some sort of commitment to the nation, even if she can’t let go of elements that ultimately expose her economic “patriotism” as a farce.

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