Freedom For Venezuela Now!

Today Juan Guaido, the leader of the democracy movement in Venezuela, together with an undetermined number of the Venezuelan military took the first steps toward a coup d’etat.

Beamed from Venezuela was a photograph of Juan Guaido, next to my dear friend, Leopoldo Lopez, liberated from house arrest just hours ago by brave men of the military who are supporting Juan Guaido.

There is no guarantee the coup will succeed because the number of defectors from the regime may not be significant enough to offset the military forces (and other paramilitary gangs of thugs) still loyal to the dictator Nicolas Maduro.

What is clear is that President Guaido, against all odds and putting his life on the line, has boldly taken a step that was unthinkable and improbable merely a day ago.

There is no question that if this bold challenge to the regime does not succeed, Guaido and his supporters in the military will pay a heavy price, if not the ultimate price, with their lives.

What is to be Done?

It would be immoral, tragic, and shameful for the nations of the world, and especially the region, to abandon Juan Guaido and other leaders of the democracy movement at this time of need.

There is no question that the success of the coup will also depend on the masses who heed Guaido’s call and take to the streets. But Guaido is not leading from behind; he is marching ahead of his troops and is giving the people of Venezuela and the world an example of what being willing to sacrifice your life for freedom is all about—with deeds, not just words.

Therefore, now more than ever the people of Venezuela need to hear not only from the U.S., which has stood with Guaido from the beginning but from the nations of the world, and especially the region, to step up to the plate and stand ready to support Guaido and democracy in Venezuela—just like Guaido and Leopoldo, with deeds, not just words!

Clashes between the forces of Maduro and the people in the streets of Caracas are being reported.

It will be on our consciences if Maduro’s henchmen pounce on the people of Venezuela and we stand by idly.

Shameful indeed.

The cause of freedom in Venezuela must not be allowed to die.


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