Go to the Root of the Problem!

Replacing DHS Kirstjen Nielsen with someone “tougher” on immigration is not going to solve the border problem. The problem is only solved if you go to the root of it.

Tighter border security still would not get you the results you want.

None of these measures will stop people from showing up at the border, in the thousands. Why wouldn’t they?

Political asylum laws protect them.

None of these measures will stop people showing up at the border, in the thousands. Why wouldn’t they?….

The source of the problem is in Central America, not at the border, Mr. President.

Migrants from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador are coming—and will keep coming—because their countries are a mess.

The unsafe conditions in those countries make them so toxic that thousand are willing to risk their lives coming up north. Violence, crime, gangs, poverty, and corruption make life in those countries a living hell.

The trip up north is dangerous; staying put is even more so. At least, they hope to get a hearing at the border. Our laws say they will.
That is all the incentive they need to gather their kids and join the caravans. The risks are great, but the benefits if obtained are far greater: the opportunity to be part of this great nation.

You should reconsider a summit meeting with the presidents of Guatemala—Honduras and El Salvador. Ronald Reagan knew the importance of engaging these countries.
Only if we help them to get on the path to prosperity, stability, and safety will the migrants stop coming.

Mr. President: You are the master negotiator; you can pull it off.

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