Just after the announcement that Iran has breached its limit of enriched uranium, “Iranian prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for several individuals accused of spying for the United States.”

Iranian judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili took to state television to make the statement but remained quite vague, saying they are to be sentenced to death because of “severity of their crimes.” reported that the “suspected U.S. spies” are “affiliated with the Iranian military” and two other suspects “are also accused of spying for Washington but were not affiliated with the military.”

NBC’s online report said they “could not independently confirm the reports and the CIA said it had no comment.” Iran’s tensions are rising with Washington after they downed a U.S. drone and continue to battle and make threats over sanctions. Just Monday President Trump said Iran was “playing with fire.”

Are today’s remarks a continuation of the dangerous game Iran is playing? NBC’s report goes on to say “Esmaili did not elaborate on when the suspected spies had been arrested or on how many there are in custody.”

Additionally, this is not the first time Iran has made such claims without any details. Reuters reported that “Iran said last year that it had arrested ‘tens of spies’ in state bodies, many of whom were dual nationals.”

In June, “Tehran said it had executed a former contract employee of the defense ministry aerospace body on charges of spying for the CIA” according to Iran’s state-run MEHR News. NBC also said “this is not the first time Iran has made such claims.

In April, Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi said Iran had identified 290 CIA agents across different countries, according to Iran’s state-run Press TV.” As is standard for dictatorships, there is no moral guidance to what they will portray or publicly say in order to advance their agendas.

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