Mr. President: Don’t Sell The Cause of Cuba So Cheaply

“The White House may rethink its decision to block an agreement to allow Cubans to play for Major League Baseball without defecting— if MLB applies pressure on Cuba to draw down its ties with Venezuela’s government, according to NPR.”

Mr. President, your intentions are good, but this is not a good deal. First, look with whom you are dealing with:

A regime that for decades has specialized in embarrassing U.S. presidents and whose contempt for you and the United States knows no limits.
Secondly, it makes you look desperate for a deal on Venezuela, which translates into a weak bargaining position with the Cuban regime.

If anything, Cuba is not going to sell its only ally in this hemisphere-an ally that it needs desperately for a few baseball players who want to play in the US.
But thirdly, it makes you look bad with the Cubans of South Florida, whose vote you will need in 2020 if you are going to win Florida.

I remember how proud the community was when you blocked the baseball deal which you are now willing to allow to go through.

The message you are sending is that the cause of Cuba is negotiable, and not worth that much to you.

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