Pelosi on Immigration Enforcement: “What’s the Point?”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi gave her weekly press briefing yesterday and jumped on the opportunity to use the viral photo of the dead man and his young daughter who tried to cross the Rio Grande to further her agenda. Specifically, she claimed the two deaths were “consequences of policy.”

Sure, if anyone was allowed to cross the border anywhere at any time then yes, the father likely would have just walked right in and not risked the lives of his family by crossing the river.

Pelosi continued with her simple reasoning; “I had this conversation with my Republican colleagues frequently. It shouldn’t be a crime to have a status violation. If somebody commits a crime or is guilty of a crime and they’re in our country, prosecutorial discretion would warrant that they – or justified that they be sent away.”

If it appears that she is advocating for no consequences for any actions of any kind with the only exception being committing law breaking crime, that’s because it’s precisely what she is doing.

She went on to say, “everybody in America has rights” and that immigrants who overstay their visas or enter the United States through a route other than the U.S. ports of entry should not be penalized. She is literally trying to wave her magic wand and say, ‘these criminal actions are no longer criminal.’ According to, “earlier this week at a town hall, Pelosi asked ‘what’s the point?’ of enforcing immigration within the United States’ borders.” What’s the point?

The point is her alternative leads to anarchy. No rules, no guidelines, no laws, nothing.

She does not once, however, discuss the reality of her alternative. She said Democrats want border security but “we don’t have to undermine who we are as a country by saying it’s a crime to engage in an internationally recognized opportunity to make your case to come into a country, any country.”

The speaker is wrong; allowing the entry of anyone and everyone without exception and literally waiting for them to commit a crime (for a second time) is exactly undermining everything that we are as a country.

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