Russia DEFENDS Iran: Neither a Major Threat Nor a TERRORIST Organization

It has been over a week since Iran shot down a U.S. spy drone with back and forth over whether or not it was an accident and if it was or was not in Iranian airspace.

Your standard high-level security threat game of “he said, she said.” We all know that when it comes to arguing with dictators and terrorist organizations, facts are inconsequential.

We must accept that we may never know the truth when dealing with untruthful leadership.

Enter Russia.

Newsweek just released that in historic trilateral talks yesterday “A senior Russian official warned his U.S. and Israeli counterparts that his country would continue to support Iran, which he backed in its recent claims regarding the shooting down of a U.S. spy drone.” Russian National Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev “was the sole voice defending Iran” alongside White House national security adviser John Bolton and Israeli National Security Council Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat in yesterday’s talks in Jerusalem.

Reportedly the discussion lasted over two and a half hours, during which the United States and Israel hardened their stance on Iran, while Russia reiterated their position of support.

In the context of the statements made by our partners with regard to a major regional power, namely Iran, I would like to say the following: Iran has always been and remains our ally and partner, with which we are consistently developing relations both on a bilateral basis and within multilateral formats…this is why we believe that it is inadmissible to describe Iran as the major threat to the regional security and, moreover, to put it on par with the Islamic State of any other terrorist organization.

Petrushev’s statement may in part be a response to the Trump administration “labeling Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards- an official branch of the Iranian armed forces- a terrorist organization, pinning it to various attacks across the region and beyond.”

Not surprisingly, Iran responded by quickly branding “the U.S. military’s Middle East-tasked Central Command with the same label and Iranian lawmakers later voted in support of the measure.”

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