Sanders Goes Off The Deep End, Again

Not satisfied with his hyper-socialism, Sanders has decided that Warren’s wealth tax is not enough.  Now Sanders says “billionaires should not exist.”

‘The Sanders campaign said the levy would apply to net worth above $32 million and raise an estimated $4.35 trillion over the next 10 years. It plans to put the funds toward an affordable housing plan, universal child-care [sic] and “Medicare for All” — the candidate’s signature proposal. The campaign said the tax would cut the wealth of billionaires in half over 15 years.’

But what should not be missed in all of this is that Sanders’ and Warren’s descent into excess—or should I say, madness—is part of the “Democrats’ efforts to rein in the excesses of the largest U.S. businesses and wealthiest Americans. Pockets of the business and investing community have warned about Sanders and Warren’s policies hurting the economy — though the candidates have worn the criticism as a badge of honor.”

Pelosi once said that the AOC wing of the party was a tiny, insignificant minority.  But Nancy, it sure does not look like it.  When the views of the two leading Democratic candidates—one of whom will most likely be the party’s nominee in 2020—reflect AOC’s radical socialist agenda, then it must be admitted that radical socialism has become firmly entrenched as the official ideology of the Democratic party.

Nancy, you lost, and the socialist wing of your party has won.

I am scared to even think about what other insanity will come out of the mouths of these two candidates in the coming months, as they try to outdo the other with even more bizarre proposals.