Sanders Says Warren Is Not A Socialist

When Bernie Sanders says I am a socialist, not a capitalist, there is no one that would doubt him.  But I find it incredible that Bernie would say that Elizabeth Warren is a “capitalist.”

Maybe Sanders is realizing that he is not going to be the nominee, and he has decided to help her by saying she is a capitalist.

Nice try Bernie, but it will not work.  Warren supports a wealth tax, Medicare-for-all (Sanders’ single-payer healthcare for all).  She is opposed the 2017 tax cut as a gift to the wealthy and corporations, supports a Green Deal that would cost billions of tax-payer dollars.

In fact, her proposals are a mirror-image of yours, Bernie.  Therefore, when she claims she is a “capitalist to the bone,” I don’t believe her.  Neither do the wealthy Democratic donors, who will refuse to support her if she is the party’s nominee.

In an important article in the NYT that I wrote about on this page, the authors argued that Democrats like Warren and Sanders are out to implement “the most drastic piece of tax policy in over a century … that could fundamentally reshape the U.S. economy.”

In Cuba and Venezuela, the method of transferring wealth was confiscation and nationalization.  Warren’s method (and Sanders’) is hyper-taxation, but the aim and the results are the same: legislating economic equality by transferring wealth from the rich to the poor.

One may argue that what Warren wants to do is not technically socialism.  Correct.

But the aim and the result are socialist to the core.