SIGN OF THE TIMES: Harris and Warren Get Debate High Marks

In a recent poll by Politico, presidential candidates Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren received the “top grades” in their performance in the second Democratic presidential debate.  That may be good news for the fans of two the most prominent leftists running for the highest office, but it is bad news for Dems in 2020.

A Democratic ticket headed by either Harris or Warren is bound to have disastrous results in the coming presidential election.  The high marks given to both candidates is indicative of how out of touch with the American people and our values the Democratic electorate has become.

I believe the message of both candidates—amnesty for illegal immigrants, open borders, Medicare for all (including illegal immigrants), reversing the corporate tax cuts, reducing defense spending, more regulations and taxes, and getting rid of the electoral college—is the embodiment of a radical agenda that I have no doubts the American people will roundly reject in 2020.

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