The 1965 Immigration Law Also Includes Merit

In a recent talk at the Ideas Summit of the National Review, Senator Marco Rubio proposed that our nation’s immigration system had to “recalibrated” in favor of highly-skilled workers, especially given the growing economic threat of China.

I agree with the Senator that how we do immigration should reflect our “national priorities.” To correct a historical imbalance, immigrants with high skills should be given priority.

They are the ones who make our nation competitive on the world stage.

This is not to say that immigration based on family ties should be eliminated.

What we urgently need is to restore balance to the 1965 Immigration law. For too long our immigration system has been based on family reunification (or “chain-migration”), disregarding the aspect of that law that required that immigrants also have the skills that merited them to be admitted to the U.S.

“What we urgently need is to restore balance to the 1965 Immigration law…”

The one point on which I beg to differ from the Senator is on the need for low-skill workers. Both high-skill and low-skill laborers are essential to our economy and our national interest. Engineers and scientists are not going pick up the produce we eat every day or clean the rooms we stay in when we travel, or serve the tables at restaurants, or lay the bricks that build our homes and businesses.

I concur with Senator Rubio that we should be concerned with what he calls “the loss of a common national identity.” Assimilation to mainstream American culture, values, and sensibilities should be a natural thing and a matter of pride. We came to this country to become Americans, not just to visit.

In its quest for global domination, China has the support of millions of workers totally committed to the vision of advancing the nation’s interests in the world.

Unless the U.S. is able to harness the energies of the American labor force to counteract China’s moves, the U.S. will fall behind to this power-hungry communist criminal who wants to eat us for lunch.

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