The Anti-Semitism Problem of the Democratic Party

Ilhan Omar has been notorious in using words that are difficult to not categorize as anti-Semitic.  Now she has outdone herself by introducing a cleverly-worded resolution—co-sponsored by Rashida Talib and John Lewis—in support of our right to boycott foreign countries, that everyone can see clearly has only one goal:  Boycott-Divest-Sanction Israel, or BDS.

The problem with Omar’s resolution, which no one really believes will go anywhere, is that the Democratic leadership continues to remain largely silent on the persistent anti-Israel bias of the first year Congresswoman.

Yes, some Democrats are criticizing the resolution; but I want to hear from the leadership.  I would also like to know why Rep. Omar has not been removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee, at the very least.  Actions speak louder than words.

Not satisfied with legitimizing the anti-American socialist discourse in the halls of Congress, the left led by Omar and company seeks to enthrone anti-Semitism as one of the core values in the Democratic party.

Where is the outrage that met Rep. Steve King for his defense of White Nationalism?  Where is the condemnation and the congressional censure?  Where is the undiluted, categorical, and unequivocal repudiation of any type of anti-Israel bias and anti-Semitic rhetoric on the part of the Democratic party?

I am still waiting for it.

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