The Case for Military Intervention in Venezuela

A CNBC reports, the escalation of tension between Russia and the U.S. is reaching a dangerous level.

From my point of view, the situation in Venezuela is looking every day more like Granada in 1983.

President Reagan took a bold step then to liberate Granada from the clutches of communism. President Trump may be forced to do the same in Venezuela, and the stakes are much higher.

I prefer action by multinational force that includes Venezuela and Colombia.

Just like Reagan in ’83, some times a president has to do what he’s got to do, come hell or high water…

But the time for threats and ultimatums is over, and the time for decisive action on Venezuela is now.

Presidents Ivan Duque from Colombia and Joan Bolsonaro from Brazil agree Maduro has to go, but if they don’t want to join us, we must be willing to go at it alone.

Half of the nations in the OAS—Organization of American States—want intervention.

This means that if we intervene any backlash from the left will be minimal.

The left is alive and well in Latin America, and it will find in the Russians and Cubans eager patrons and enablers.

The U.S. cannot afford a leftist intifada in the Western Hemisphere.

There will be serious geopolitical consequences for the U.S. and the region if we don’t act.

Putin has defied the international order in Crimea, and now defies us in our own backyard. If we let Putin push us around like that, welcome to the Russian world order!

American prestige and power are at stake in this confrontation. How far is the president willing to let Putin push him around is not clear.

But if I were Putin, I would not bet that this president will not act decisively in Venezuela, with or without Latin American support.

Just like Reagan in ’83, some times a president has to do what he’s got to do, come hell or high water.

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