The Dangerous Impact of Socialism

Rebecca Hagelin writes that “The demands for socialism by today’s Democratic Party threaten America’s prosperity, our future and the spirits of our people.”

According to Salazar, “to many Democrats, this might not be obvious, but to us who come from so-called socialist ‘paradises’ like Cuba and Venezuela, Hagelin’s characterization of socialism couldn’t be more accurate.”

“It is a historical fact,” Salazar notes, “that everywhere where socialism has been implemented the wealth-making citizens have fled; the percentage of the poor, who don’t produce wealth, increases; and the entrepreneurial spirit, so necessary for job creation and prosperity, is killed.”

“Yet there are some who advocate,” Hagelin writes, “that taxes on the prosperous be as high as 70 percent…The reality is that even if every “wealthy” person were taxed at 90 percent, it would never be enough to pay for the current entitlement programs, let alone new ones.”

“Socialism is an insatiable beast,” continues Salazar, “demanding higher and higher taxes, and not only from the wealthy but from all us—until we become a Cuba or Venezuela.”

This is the unavoidable destiny of all socialisms, sooner or later.

“Democratic Socialism does not exist. That’s a fallacy. It’s just a noble word put in front of the cruelest system humanity has ever known.”

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