The Moment of Truth on Venezuela Has Come

In its latest move on Venezuela, the administration has offered what appears to blanket immunity to the Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro. It appears that Maduro “will not be indicted,” and that he will be “left alone.”

Hmm… I wonder if a golden parachute is in the works as well?

What is worse, this smells like the baseball players deal the administration was willing to cut with Cuba in exchange for influence on Venezuela. But I already said what I thought about that.

Excuse my cynicism Mr. President, but I believe, to put it bluntly, that your administration needs a gut check on Venezuela. Perhaps not quite like the Bay of Pigs betrayal, but the “all options on the table” and Bolton’s note pad showing “5,000 troops in Colombia,” clearly intended to be seen, invite comparison. This was about 6 months ago.

Cuba has been waiting for freedom for 60 years; how long will Venezuela have to wait?

Mr. President, we elected you because we wanted, in contrast to Barack Obama, a president who would not be afraid to project American power where necessary, without fear or hesitation.

We were dismayed by the submissive and deferential stance of Obama toward our foes and rivals.

I applaud your toughness with China, and the way you are turning things around on Cuba.

Your sanctions against Venezuela are a testament to your commitment to the freedom of the Venezuelan people.

We have welcomed the changes you are bringing to our foreign policy.

But now we need more in Venezuela. Sanctions and threats are clearly not enough; and free passes to brutal dictators are clearly not, and should not be, your style or that of the United States.

The moment of truth has come on Venezuela, and nothing less than decisive action will put to rest the doubts that your actions do not match your words. The time for bluffing and posturing is over.
It’s time to act!

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