The War for the Soul of the Democratic Party

Despite claims by Nancy Pelosi that the AOC-SANDERS wing of the Democratic party is “only five people,” the truth may be quite different. Try as hard as she might minimize their presence, the evidence is that the leftist faction of the party is alive and well, and perhaps growing.

According to the report, “dozens of Dems voted 95% of the time with AOC.” Pelosi and Schumer are working overtime to try to minimize the influence of the left in the party, to no avail.

The leftist-socialists are on a roll and are willing to defy the “moderates,” and are embarking on a hostile take over of the Democratic party.
With good reason, Pelosi and company are fearful that the 2020 election will mean, as Politico already predicted, a landslide victory for president Trump and the Conservatives in both houses of Congress.

This is the nightmare scenario Nancy and Chuck must be replaying in their minds every hour of the day…

Even when people like Bernie try to sell the virtues of Medicare-for-all, as he did in the Fox Channel Town Hall meeting, when Americans realize they will have to pay much more in taxes, they immediately pull back from what on paper looks like an attractive proposition.

But the trouble for the party does not stop at AOC and Bernie.

Many people in the party are supportive of these socialist initiatives, thus pushing the party more and more to the left.

Emboldened by the support of the party faithful, Democratic candidates are even willing to expand Medicare—Senator Sanders and four other Democratic Senators running for president—and even Social Security—Gillibrand—to illegal immigrants.

Pelosi has good reason to be worried. Every day members of the Democratic party are pushing their leadership to support more reckless socialist policies, with no regard about the costs and the impact it will have on the U.S. economy and the average American.

Ideology trumps reality, and the day may soon come when there will no more room in the party for centrists or moderates—forget conservatives, already a dying breed.

This is the nightmare scenario Nancy and Chuck must be replaying in their minds every hour of the day.

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