Unbelievable And Unconscionable: Venezuela Wins Seat On UN Human Rights Council

How could UN nations prefer a brutal enemy and suppressor of human rights to sit on the UN Human Rights Council, over the peaceful and democratic Republic of Costa Rica?

It simply boggles the mind and increases our cynicism about a body that, rightfully so, does not deserve the U.S. tax-payer dollars that overwhelmingly keep it afloat.

At least, CNN reports, the ‘election was controversial, with human rights groups reacting fiercely and US Ambassador Kelly Craft describing it as “an embarrassment to the United Nations and a tragedy for the people of Venezuela.’

It is no wonder that the UN has all credibility in the U.S. and in other parts of the world.  What a disgrace the UN has become.

CNN got it only partially right:  “It’s like a defendant on trial getting to sit on the jury too.”  But CNN should have said, “it’s like the convicted criminal getting to sit on the jury too.”

But why I am not entirely surprised?  Because it the past it elected to the same Human Rights Council countries like Cuba and Saudi Arabia, infamous and notorious violators of human rights.