A young journalist named Andy Ngo of Portland was hospitalized after being attacked for his views. Ngo is gay and of Asian descent. Must be a right-wing homophobic hate crime similar to Jussie Smollett, right?

Well, they both have one similarity in common: liberals were the attackers. Smollett’s case was fabricated, and put in place by himself, a liberal.

Ngo however, who was actually a victim, was assaulted for his beliefs; his Conservative beliefs. Andy Ngo is a conservative journalist out of Oregon who happens to be gay and Asian. Ngo was reporting from an Antifa protest when he was brutally attacked by the left-wing political activist group, leaving him with substantial injuries and head wounds.

In the case of Smollett, Hollywood and the mainstream media rushed to his defense, salivating over the fact that they were told that the attackers were pro-Trump homophobes; a lie which Smollett told in his police report.

Yet where does the media fall in regard to Antifa, who has reorganized with increased violence during the Trump administration with a string of attacks on conservative media? One would think the media would chastise the group for its behavior, but the opposite has been the case. CNN’s Chris Cuomo has called Antifa “a good cause” saying “I have been with those people, you can talk about them, I have watched them in the streets protesting in different situations…there’s certainly aspects of them that are true to a cause. That’s a good cause. They want social justice and whatever they want in that context.”

CNN’s Don Lemon defended their violent approach and said, “no organization is perfect.” The list of CNN sympathizers goes on and on: Sara Sidner “defended Antifa violence against reporters and police officers at the Charlottesville protest, insisting that the actions only came about as a result of ‘neo-Nazis’ that spurred the protest. ‘They day nonviolence hasn’t worked.” Watch the montage of even more examples of the media taking the side of the left versus what is morally right, here.

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