Why Sanders Cannot Appeal to the Swedish Model

In the last few months I have published more than one piece refuting the view that the Scandinavian economic model is as socialist as Mr. Sanders and others would like it to be.

In my latest article I focused on Finland, so I will not say more about that.

Soon after my article was posted, the Wall Street Journal published an interview of a Swedish intellectual historian by Adam O’Neal that was riveting and absolutely spectacular.  With surgical precision Mr. Johan Norberg demolished the many myths associated with Swedish (and in general, Nordic) socialism.

In a masterly review. Norberg detailed Sweden’s difficult journey from economic prosperity to runaway big government welfare state in the 1960s, and the breakthrough in the 1990s that put Sweden on the path to economic recovery—built on the foundation of capitalism and the free-market economy!

If the was ever a vindication of the path conservatives have traced for the U.S.  in the last two years, this analysis is it. The following paragraph is priceless:

‘If Sweden fails as a socialist model, what about its Scandinavian neighbors? “Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy,” then-Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen said in response to unwelcome praise from Mr. Sanders in 2015. “Denmark is a market economy.” Not long after lunch with Mr. Norberg, I asked Finnish President Sauli Niinistö if he leads a socialist country. His answer: “No, God bless.” Norway is similar, and a major producer of fossil fuels to boot.’

A must read!